Beautifully smooth
from all angles.

This is the Shape of Beauty

There are rules for plus-sized women. Rules that were made to keep you down. But over half of this country is size 14 and up. You are the majority. So we designed lingerie for beauty’s new standard in mind. Lingerie that lets you show off your curves, break every rule but your own, and enter every room to the sound of heads turning. Because this is a nation of beautiful women. And something fabulous is taking shape.

Curvation®. This is the Shape of Beauty.

Designed with You in Mind

Created by the team of women who makes Vanity Fair® intimate apparel, a long-time leading and innovative line of women’s intimates, Curvation® lingerie is the perfect fusion of femininity and function. Our sensual, livable, and affordably priced intimate apparel can finally show women everywhere that curvy isn't a number, it's an attitude.

Where to Buy

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